Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 FInal Thoughts and score


Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 FInal Thoughts and score

October 20, 2023



What a season this was! from starting strong out the gate to slowing down about mid way and giving just a hair at the end it was about what we could expect for a rent a girlfriend.   We had alot of fun doing this season for you guys and thank you as usual for sticking around with us!


After tallying up the scores and getting a common sum this season will rank in the animag ranking archive as a 6.


here are some key notes for the season


Episode  1


mini enters, thought she was a bitch at first when she yelled at them while on the balcony,  but turned out she is chill.


Lots of bath and shower scenes in the first half of the season but they slacked off towards the end.


We see mami in the first episode and wont really see her again till the end.


Ruka gets involved with the project in episode 2


New girl pulled Kazuya into her apartment and looked like she wanted to fuck him


We learn she is famous online


Decides to try and help Kazuya and chizuru get together.


Mini really cane through in episode 3

She joins the movie project and starts to help

Sumi shower scene

Sumi helps pass out fyers


Massive scene at the end between mini and chizuru when she told Chizuru that Kazuya actually likes her or rather that he was in love with her.   Sad that they didn’t fluff that out a little more



Flopped opening from where episode 3 left off and having Chizuru give pretty much no real emotion to what she was just told, season starts to go downhill from here.


We do see that Chizuru still has the ring that Kazuya gave her in this episode.


This episode did have a big scene at least I thought it was when Chizuru was going see that play with the guy that was going to retweet their project page.   When they were standing in the ally way. And she actually wound up turning him down to go help pass out fliers for the project.

Also again here  dropping the ball when he ask Chizuru if she is in love with Kazuya or has feelings for him and having her say look I don’t like him but I also don’t not like him


Movie actually gets funede with some money to spare


Episode 5


Pretty much just them shooting the movie

Kazuya almost falls off the bridge and dies over a fucking cicada while fioming

Kazuya stated to Chizuru while filming that he is upset about the face that she will blow up from this and leave him in the dust so to speak

She insulted the fuck out oh him but then says that she does not regret ever meeting him, I guess in a nice way just saying she wont forget about him like that


Kazuya has to shoot the last movie scene alone (film club moved on)

Mini sets it up to where Kazuya and Chizuru  end up going out there alone.


Episode 6

The final scene was shot

Kazuya and chizuru were alone


We thought Chizuru was going to tell him something special here but she just tells him thank you for doing the movie…


She sleeps on his shoulder on the train ride2 home


Ruka catches up to them at the end


Episode 7

Pretty much just Kazuya and mini at the pool all day

Light turning point for ruks because she showed a little maturity starting here

Drops the kun from Kazuyas name.



Episode 8


Granny falls out her chair at the movies!

Starts the downfall of that

Kazuya runs off at the end to try and throw a hail marry for Chizurus grandma to see the movie before she passes


Episode 9

Kazuya gets a mobile setup so the grandma could watch the movie in the hospital


Granny dies


Chizuru is showing some fake emotion here


Episode 10


Kazuya and sumi go on a date for the day so he can see what he needs to do for chizuru


They play a weird ass finger game on the train



Episode 11

Kazuya rents Chizuru

It was a pretty planned out date

she has fun but is still guarding some emotions

up until the end when the sparklers break her down into a flashback


episode 12

Chizuru finally shows some emotion to Kazuya

But quickly after goes back to guarding them

Movie gets premiered

Chizuru realized Kazuya went above and beyond for her here on muitiple levels

Andddd at the end we see mami who is now apparently an advisor for Kazuyas family business.

We are excited to see what season 4 will hold for us!



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