Final Thoughts and Score for Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 (Episode 33)


Final Thoughts and Score for Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 (Episode 33)

September 30, 2022

This season was full of ups and downs, but if you are a watcher of this show you know how things go. This show has an amazing ability to both draw you in and push you away at times, leaving you always wanting more at the very end of it.


As stated in the podcast I really did fell like nothing happened in this season and could be called a filler season but diving into it a little deeper they really did give us a few different things that can push the story forward.


For starters seeing some info about Chizuru and her family was quite refreshing, after the mystery that was surrounding her at the end of season one, it was nice to actually learn a little bit about her. On top of that her relationship with Kazuya is growing and anyone with eyes can see that. Even at the end of this season we can see that they are interacting more on their own and without the aid of him having to rent her.

Mami got a really great episode this season when she went to Kazuya’s work and toyed with both him and Ruka, we know she is up to something, but this season leave us hanging with that story as we still have no clue as to what she is really doing at the end.  All we do know is that she is interacting with Kazuya’s family’s sake shop on twitter which could wind up being really bad for him.  This entire scheme story for her was lightly drug out up until the work scene I spoke of and then Mami sort of phased out for the season after that.

Ruka was terribly annoying in this season, and I’m not just saying that to get y’all roweled up in the comments below, she really showed her age, but also at the same time realized that she was showing her age and after the big hospital scene with Chizuru’s grandma she lightly self-corrected that by calling a truce with Chizuru during such serious time for her.  That still was not enough in my eyes to get me to actually like her. Note the kissing scene lasted way too long and is still gross in my opinion. By the end of it all it seems as though Kazuya has gotten himself very occupied with his new project and even seemed like he was ignoring her to focus on that so I guess we shall see what happens there.

Sumi got short played in this season, only seeing her for a total of three episodes I believe.  But they did a wonderful job at writing her in. I will admit on the first rental date her, and Kazuya went on I was not impressed, her inability to speak threw me off big time. But at the end on the last rental date, they went on she proved that she could be an amazing rental girlfriend by planning out the perfect day/date for Kazuya and even getting him the perfect gift for his birthday. She is slowly developing and i think has potential to be a big player among the 4 girls.

And finally, we have Kazuya.  A man that seems to be good for others but never good for himself.  The man that cannot just speak up and say what the heck he wants despite the fact that I believe he does know what he wants or rather who he wants. Quite honestly if he would just tell Chizuru how he actually feels and lock in on her and only her, tell the other girls he has absolutely no interest in them all his problems could go away. This season thankfully we really only had to see him go between Ruka and Chizuru but i think that may get a little more hectic next season.


As said in one of our podcast episodes, this season was nothing to write home about but if you are a fan of the series, it’s worth watching. We came to our conclusion of a 7 as the overall rating by getting a total sum of each rating that we gave for each episode. I will post those scores below. We had a ton of fun doing this season and we hope to see you along on our next journey!  Thank you all.


Thomacus             Asylum

Ep 1         7                              7

Ep2         8                              8

Ep3         8                              7

Ep4         6                              7

Ep5         7                              6

Ep6        8                               7

Ep7        8                               7

Ep8        5                               5

Ep9        8                               7

Ep10      6                               6

Ep11       7                               7

Ep12      8                               8


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1 year ago

I hope thomacus can make his mic have less echo in it for the next season.

Other than that great season you guys!

1 year ago

Thats about where i was for this season also. A 7

1 year ago

Love you guys. Thanks for a wonderful season

1 year ago
Reply to  KilluaBakaBaka

Animag or die

1 year ago

1/10 fixed it for you guys

1 year ago

I listened to the entire season over watching it. Thank you guys for doing this!

1 year ago

The boys always get it done.#AMOD


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