Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 9 (R.I.P..)

Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 9 (R.I.P..)

September 16, 2023

This episode starts off with absolutely nothing before the intro. As soon as it hits play, the intro was rolling.


After the intro, we see Chizuru sitting in the hospital room with her grandma, and she sort of having a moment to herself here thinking about what Kazuya had said in the episode before having said  look, let’s just come clean about all of this and she’s like what an Ego trip that is completely pointless and I don’t even know if Granny can hear me anyways.

She then kind of acts like Kazuya  right here, and she starts sulking on herself. And she’s like sorry that you didn’t get to see the movie but thank you for holding on for as long as you did. I guess I just wasn’t good enough. And she’s getting really emotional right here. Because obviously in her head, her grandma is going to die. And there’s nothing she can do to actually have her. Grandma, wind up seeing her in this movie.

Then out of no where’s Kazuya enters the room and he’s holding a laptop and a projector and she quickly wipes her tears away, and she says. Hey, what makes you think you can just barge in here? Like, okay, b****, obviously you know what he’s about to do? Show some appreciation

Now I want to point out that this episode has a ton of flashbacks in it. We aren’t going to point out every single time They go into a flashback. Because that would make this episode wayyy too long..  

So Kazuya walks in put the movie on puts it rolling on the projector and simply just walks out he leaves Chizuru and her grandma to sit and have a moment together and sort of watch the movie the whole time he was setting up the movie she’s still screaming at him like hey can you hear me are you deaf

As the movie is playing for a very brief moment Chizuru’s grandmother opens her eyes and kind of like looks at the screen of the movie that’s rolling and she grabs her hands and you know she’s pouring tears out of her eyes and then there’s a big flashback here of you know she’s who’s grandpa kind of egging her on and all of that

And we learn here thather grandma only wound up seeing about the first 10 minutes of the movie and then she conked out again and was unresponsive for the entirety of the rest of the movie

What we see next is Chizuru thinking back to what it was that Kazyuya had asked her in the previous episode if she would wanna come clean to her grandma that way it could clear her slate you know and finally clear everyone’s name really so that way her grandma wouldn’t die with this big giant lie lingering over everyone and you can tell that this is really starting to eat Chizuru up.

After having a little moment here where they go into a flashback of chizuru’s grandma telling her that you kind of have to be a good liar in order to be a good actress you know and how if lying 1000 times means you’re gonna make one of those times be truthful then it’s kind of worth it we see Chizuru decide that she’s gonna tell her grandma about her and Kazuya she says grandma I’ve been lying to you

Now she doesn’t exactly tell her grandma what she was lying about she just kind of lets that linger but the grandma lifts up her hand and touches her face and she’s like oh you’ve been lying to me I see and she’s like I feel like I want to know but also at the same time I kind of don’t want to know She says whatever choice you make I’ll accept it She ends up giving Chizuru kind of some last words of encouragement about you know sometimes we don’t know the answer to what the **** we’re saying and we have to go out there and fight our battles to get those answers and she tells her that she’s a strong enough woman to go out there and do that and that makes her happy and that makes her feel like she’s lived a fruitful life then they hug and she’s like I love you Chizuru and then that’s it y’all the grandma is gone I thought that this was kind of a well put together scene for what it was and maybe it’s because we’ve watched her grandma be sick pretty much since season 2 and now it’s finally happening but really well put together

After all this goes down we cut to a scene and it’s mini Having a small breakdown about Chizurus grandma because that really is the last of Chizurus  family In the midst of all this she even says when our ferret died I couldn’t stop crying either and Kazuya was like bro did you just compare your pets death to Chizuru’s grandma’s death and she points out Chizuru must be heartbroken right now shouldn’t you be there for her and Kazuya literally says I don’t know about that sometimes I wonder if she’s stronger and tougher than I give her credit for

And it’s right here right after the scene where Kazuya was walking out of his apartment in his funeral attire to go to the funeral and he looks over at Chizurus door and we get a flashback to what happened at the hospital right after her grandma passed so she’s a room walks out of the room And  Kazuya runs up to her and he’s like oh is your grandma OK and after a long awkward pause he realizes that she didn’t make it and all she’s are you says is oh were you here the entire time you must be wiped go home and get some rest I have to go get ready for the wake and just walks away

And this next part was a little weird to me as she is walking away Kazuya stops and he’s like hey Chizuru are you OK and he’s like if you ever need anything like if the pain gets too difficult to deal with you can always hit me up for anything she turns around with like the **** eating grin on her face and says yeah I’m fine like bro your grandma literally just passed away the last person you have left from your family and you’re just gonna look at them big cheese and and say yeah I’m fine

So Kazuyas grandma winds up going to the wake with him And after a little time over there Kazuyas grandma says let’s go and he’s like oh you’re done already and she says it would be a bother if I stayed too long and I’ll be seeing her soon anyways and then she splits but before she does she makes it a point to tell Kazuya how tough she’s  must be because no matter what life throws at her she always pushes through and she says think Kazuya there must be  something only you can do as her boyfriend

The final scene takes place back at Kazuyas apartment And there’s a funny little scene here where he’s in bed crying and freaking out about Chizuru and he’s like there’s so much to do before the screening but I can’t even think of starting and they show his little fish and the caption was like ohh I see you’re back to normal and essentially this entire scene is just him trying to think of what he could potentially do for her you know he’s like our ******* relationship is fake anyways I’m just a neighbor what could I possibly do for her he even points out he’s like sure while we were making this movie we got pretty close but that was solely because we were making a movie outside of that we’re just neighbors So essentially after a little deliberation he comes up with an idea he’s like oh there’s something that I can do what would a girl want huh then he gets on his phone and he’s like guess I’ll give it a shot and all we see is his phone for the closing screen and it says booking complete this man just racked his brains for that long to just be like what can I do for her I’ll book her as a rental girlfriend what in the **** outro

D – 6

B -6

X -5

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9 months ago

I’ve never hated an MC more. I’m done bro

9 months ago

damn this episode hits deep…..

9 months ago

Nothing like kazuya making this episode trash with not being able to hug her

9 months ago

That was absolute Chad behavior from Kazuya at the beginning

9 months ago

Another frigging cliffhanger… the writers of this show are giving me an ulcer