Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 7 (She said ANYTHING she wants…)

Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 7 (She said ANYTHING she wants…)

August 25, 2023

The day had come august 26th Rukas birthday and Kazuya was still getting some of the very final touches for the movie setup. He talked to the film club that was editing and it was said that a premier of the movie would happen on September 30th. (That’s a quick turnaround for an entire movie)

When there is a knock at the door, its Ruka popping a party popper all loud as shit waking up his neighbors. He’s like yoooo you can’t do that! And she just runs inside. She did not forget that he said he would make it a memorable one for her. He calls her a loose cannon right here but by the end of the episode we will wind up seeing this change a little bit.
Once inside she is like good, I have to go get ready and he is like uhh ready for what? She goes swim suit time.

I want to point out this is mostly a filler episode, there is a little bit of cd between Kazuya and Ruka but I’m really not sure its enough to matter or effect the story. There is also some light cd between Chizuru and her grandma that could help the story. but we will get to that.

After the intro Kazuya and Ruka are at this public pool place, and all the guys are swooning over Ruka like she is the hottest girl they have ever seen. Kazuya is freaking out because they are starting the day off with the pool, he will have to see Ruka in a swimsuit all day. He’s wondering what she wants from him, he goes another kiss? Possibly even more!?! And they show a very risky image here for what it was that he was imagining. He goes not happening, birthday or not there are lines that I can not cross.

While having a little fun at the pool Kazuya just up and goes sorry bathroom break then walks out the pool, here we see Ruka climp her fist and she says today will be a great day to bring us closer, Kazuyas heart will surly race for sure. (Remember the entire reason she likes him in the first place is because he made her heart race) that’s a nice little throw back to season 1 that I thought they forgot about.

He comes back and she hits him with it, she asks if he can put some sunscreen on her. First of all, this entire screen was way too much…. She starts with her back, then makes him go under her swimsuit so there will be no lines. The entire time he is dying and getting chubbed up as he pointed out himself Ruka is equally having a rough time curling her toes and trying her hardest to not make a sound.

(There is a little cut in here, Kazuya is thinking about Chizuru and it has her on screen saying “Oh Ruka got you hard? Good for you, you horn dog”) I thought that was funny.

Just when Kazuya thinks he is done she lays on her belly and ask him to do her legs…. And here we go again another freakout, Ruka is basically moaning, and Kazuya is deciding to go all the way up her thigh. And just as he grows a pair and says ok ill do it, he goes to squirt some more sunscreen into his hand but it makes a little clown car honk noise because it was empty. Hes like oh were out of cream guess ill hit the pool and jets out there, probably to go hide the boner he had.

But back by the pool Ruka is laying there looking used up and she checks her heart rats and it was like 96, and she says I hope his heart was racing as much as mine is.

Then they go to dinner, a hotel buffet. It’s here that Kazuya gets into a little sticky situation Ruka puts her hands out asking for her gift… Hes like I didn’t get you one. And she blows up on him, then she is like I’ve lost my appetite, and Kazuya replies with the food will go cold and we hear Ruka scream THEN I WILL STUFF MY FACE! We hear Kazuya scream HEY that’s my plate!

After we get a major scene with Ruka and Kazuya sitting at the park. They are looking out at the ocean and its night time so sort of a romantic setting. Kazuya even points out that they are going through all the motions of a date. Here they will have a big heart to heart.

It starts by Kazuya apologizing for everything specifically the other day when Ruka had seen Him and Chizuru. Hes like I made you try hard and you shouldn’t have to do that for a guy like me.. She smacks his arm. And says I don’t see It as going out of my way. She says look sure I don’t trust you and chizuru also but today isn’t about that its my birthday and I want the princess treatment. And besides you are the one for me the one that i’ve waited my entire life for…

We get a turning point here from Kazuya because he thinks that she is a angel… he thinks how what she is asking for on her birthday really isn’t anything crazy.. He is the one trying to blue the lines between an actual birthday day and her just trying to be toxic and one up Chizuru or something which he will point out that she absolutely has no intentions of doing at all right here.

(if the creators of the show wanted to get everyone to super like Ruka they should have done this a long time ago)

Leaving the park Ruka ask if they can hold hands. In Kazuyas head here he even thinks about how sweet Ruka has been all day and how he just wants to hold her tight….

As they are walking along, she just stops. She says on second thought I do actually want a gift. she says im not asking for anything material, just permission…. I thought this was it….

She basically pushes him down onto a little fountain seat and says ive been holding back for so long now…. She basically ask him if she can just call him Kazuya from now on rather than Kazuya Kun… he is just like OHHHH uh yeah.

Then its just non stop for like 3 minuets straight of her saying his name after every statement…

Then we see some other people finally, Sumi is walking along and notices Chizuru going into the hospital, turns out it is Chizurus grandma’s birthday! Chizuru is like whoaaa you shouldn’t even be sitting up you were in so much pain the other day and her grandma is like don’t dig up the distant past and Chizuru says that was 3 days ago!!! I thought that was funny.

Chizuru points out how the weather looked great considering it was supposed to rain that day and her grandma says how good weather is attached to her and then goes into this big story about the day Chizuru was born and how it was supposed to rain but stopped when she got there. And also goes into this big story about Chizurus mom. Talking about how it rained on almost every important day of her life. Then she says how her mom was a lot like Chizuru, pretty, considerate and fashionable.

As chizuru grabs a flower vast to to refill it she runs into Sumi inside of the hospital with some flowers in hand! She was actually there to give the flowers to Chizurus grandma.
Lol at the part when Sumi was clapping and Chizuru is like thank you. Then Sumi stops and out of no where she exclaims and starts clapping again and Chizuru is like oh were doing this again, yeah thank you Sumi.
They sit for a moment and sumi points out how she helped hand out fliers for the movie and really takes a little time here to talk up Kazuya to Chizuru.

The second to last scene is a big one, Chizuru and her grandma wind up talking about Kazuya. Her grandma says how its strange seeing Chizuru with friends now ever since she started dating Kazuya. Implying that Chizuru was a loner before all of this.

They talk about the movie for a second and the grandma points out how Kazuya must have worked so hard to get it done.
And for some reason Chizuru almost started to sound like she was shitting on him for a minuet talking about how he wanted to make a movie for her and didn’t know shit about production, he didn’t even know how to use a camera apparently. And talked about how he fell off the bridge trying to get the cicada, she basically talked about all the bad things for a while. But the bridge part made her laugh and then you realize she wasn’t shitting on him in a weird way she was appreciating all he had done with really no foresight on how to do it going into the project.

Then right here the grandma ask Chizuru if she knew when true love began. Then says its when you are having the time of your life talking about that other person. We lightly hear chizuru say its not like that then we get a cut to Kazuya at his house looking at a huge list of backer names for the project just putting in work as usual.

Perhaps she shows up to his house on the next episode.

D – 4
B – 3
X – 4

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10 months ago

Ruka for the win

10 months ago

Can we discuss why the best girl is actually Sumi? She’s done nothing wrong or questionable at all at any point.

10 months ago

Fuck Ruka. shes so fucking toxic and suffocating… Get a clue and leave Kazuya alone!

10 months ago

Bro he doesn’t neen chizuru u have ruka already

10 months ago
Reply to  Hampti

Bro invented blue balls

10 months ago

Well, that’s the quote of the day ” Do you know when true love begins? It’s when you’re having the time of your life talking about them.”

10 months ago

Why are we still here?

10 months ago

Live Laugh Love Ruka-chan