Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 6 (Anxiety Central.)

Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 6 (Anxiety Central.)

August 18, 2023

We open to see Kazuya and Chizuru showing up at the resort where they will be staying the night. Chizuru is in awe with how beautiful it is
They walk into the lobby area and as Chizuru is enjoying the view out the window Kazuya can’t help but to get what had happened earlier out his head. Wondering what it was exactly that Chizuru was going to say to him. He even says I get stumbling over your words once but 3 times, she was acting like Sumi back there. For a brief moment he fells like the rest of us probably felt, like she was going to confess her love to him.

As they go to check in they run into a little problem, mini has only booked one room for the two of them. Kazuya is like what can we do about this? Ill pay for a room out of pocket if I have to and turns out to be like 130 bucks or so. Chizuru just grabs the one room key and starts walking to the elevator then turns and says its not like we have no slept in the same room once before anyways.


Once they get up to their room to drop off their bags, Chizuru says you better give Mini a good talking to when we get home and Kazuya is like oh yeah, I for sure will. Then they head out to scout the location where they will be filming. This entire episode Kazuya basically spends being nervous as hell. Or rather anxious should I say.
They get to the location to scout and its beautiful, and turns out they even have permission to film wherever it is that they are. The time that they will need to actually shoot is after midnight because they are wanting the starry night sky, so while standing there Chizuru ask if Kazuya wants to shoot a test run since, they are all the way out at the film location anyways.

They shoot a little sample clip and then go back to their room, Kazuya is in there watching the clip and looking at a story board notebook, obviously wanting to get this last shot right. When Chizuru walks in wearing her yukata. That’s a type of cloths that resorts and hotels might give you out in Japan. Us Americans would never get that. So, she walks in and says hey and Kazuya freaks out in his head seeing her in this outfit, and she is telling him how the outdoor bath is super nice and the food there is also incredible.

Chizuru walks over to Kazuya making his freakout even worse because he is like TOO CLOSE TOO CLOSE and she’s like look I know you want to get this right and all buy why not take a break and go hit the bath. He says no I’m fine this is what I want. Here we see something that we will see a couple more times in this episode. Chizuru has a flash back thinking about her grandpa. But in this particular flash back he does not say anything its just his face, Then the camera goes back to Chizuru and its just showing her mouth from the side and it was almost as if she was frowning.

After this it was time for them to actually go get the shot for the last scene. As Kazuya is setting up for it Chizuru says Hey listen changed my mind and I do need to tell you something… obviously he freaks out again. He’s like right now?? She’s going to pick up where she left off right now?!? He even says this isn’t a good time can’t we wait till after we shoot. And its like bro you were curious as to what it was that she wanted to say almost this entire episode and now that you are about to find out you want to wait…

And although Chizuru’s face was red it all boiled down to her telling Chizuru how much she appreciates Kazuya doing this for her. She says how she loved her grandpa but he passed away, she mentions that he was the one who encouraged her to be an actress but now that he is gone he will never get to see her on the big screen, so her hopes are that having her grandma see it the message will relay to her grandpa up in heaven.

So, all this buildup was for Chizuru to tell him thank you…. Then as they actually get to filming the scene Kazuya is behind the camera crying happy tears all because she told him thank you. This guy is SOFT. I understand he is in love, but damn. Just a thank you from Chizuru send him into the spiral like that?
I suppose since it really was one of the first times Chizuru has ever shown him any kind of real emotion in the series. But still.
It’s also here that we get another flashback to her grandpa here and he is saying how if you face forward and chase your dreams it will also come true, someone will show up and be your pillar of support. He also said in this scene that booze cures all bad illnesses in your body and I think that man might be on to something but ill save that for another day.

After all this we get a Kazuya bath scene, and he is just kind of spacing out thinking about Chizuru. As he is thinking back on everything like the first time he said she would make a movie for her and what not he hears someone splash in the bath that was next to his and he thinks for a second that it could be Chizuru. Then we see a Chizuru bath scene right here of course. This super spirals him and he is like what am I thinking I have to be in the same room as her all night get it together. THENNNNNN they show him sitting in the tub and they imply that he gets a boner. Because there is a little annotation that comes here and it says alllll rise then he grabs at his dick area…

He gets back to the room and his heart is beating super-fast. But Chizuru is asleep so he just hops into his bed and goes to sleep. As they are sleeping this is some time later in the middle of the night Chizuru wakes up and she is looking at Kazuya sleeping and thinks back to her grandpa saying someone will show up and be your pillar of support. Then has a flashback to Kazuya saying let’s make a movie together. And here they show her eye up close and it was watering a little bit. She lays back down and covers her entire body and says this suck so much.

The next morning, we wake up to see Chizuru actually in the bath, so you get a 2 for 1 in this episode with the Chizuru bath scenes. While in the bath she is thinking about the night before and what she thought about there. Meaning the pillar of support thing and it being Kazuya.

As they are checking out the clerk says you two traveling as a couple must be so fun, Kazuya freaks out while Chizuru just had a straight face on.
On the bus ride to the train station is where something sort of goes down. Chizuru ask Kazuya a couple times about him and relationships since he mentions how he is done lying to his family and how the next girl he introduces to his family will be his actual girlfriend. Ther is a moment where he has the perfect chance to tell her that he prefers her over Ruka however he does not… He just says yeah Ruka is great, and then talks her up a little.
Shockingly here Mami gets mentioned, Chizuru asks about her and Kazuya says I have not heard from her in a good while. He’s like she probably has a new bf already that’s why we haven’t heard from her.
They take a little silent moment and Kazuya is thinking about the movie process and how fun it was and he thanks her, and says that he is really happy he got to make the movie with her, while this is happening, she puts her head on his shoulder! And yet again he has another freakout! He’s like Control yourself, control yourself, Control yourself probably trying to not pop a boner.

They get to the train station for the final scene of this episode and who do you think they run into. RUKA! She is pissed, apparently, she pressed Mini so hard that Mini would up spilling the beans, then on her own she took a train out there to catch up to Kazuya and Chizuru. She’s there calling Chizuru a thot and all that saying how she shouldn’t be wearing a white dress insinuating that they fucked or something. She starts bouncing around Chizuru looking for Hickeys and yelling. Bro she is TOXIC. She is like Kazuya you are staying another night with me and he’s like what no I cant afford that. She says anything you did with Chizuru we are doing 100 times over. Kazuya is like we just came here to shoot tell her Chizuru and Chizuru just walks away and says I need the restroom. All calm.

In the restroom she looks at the side of her face that was on Kazuya’s shoulder and puts her hand on it, sort of fondly remembering that she slept on his shoulder. Feelings are growing inside of her!

Back outside Ruka is still tearing into Kazuya basically in tears because she is hurt and thinks something happened. She’s like you stayed in the same room as chizuru and you forget who your real girlfriend is?! Kazuya sort of throws Mini under the bus here saying it was all Minis fault we were setup, as if he didn’t enjoy it. The show ends with Ruka making Kazuya promise her that on August 26th her birthday he will give her anything she desiers…… I think I know what that means. Hes like …Anything???? And then leaves off with a shocked face..


D – 5
B – 5
X – 4

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This ugly ass boy somehow pulled

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10 months ago

I’m so mad 

10 months ago

These last couple of episodes have been killing me I can’t. This one got me the most.

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The girlfriend needs to go

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Ruka is so clueless dear lord