Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 12 (Season Finale)

Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 12 (Season Finale)

October 7, 2023

No intro


Goes right in from where we left off in the second to last episode.

Basically Kazuya sees Chizuru down shaking getting all emotional, as he walks up he says her name but she quickly wipes some tears form her eyes and gets up and pretends like nothing is wrong.  She is just like lets keep burning these things! She even tries to say that her eyes were watering because of the smoke from the sparklers.

SO all the while as they are burning the sparklers Kazuya in his head sort of thinks that he knew all along that no matter what he did nothing would help Chizuru and points out how strong she really is.  (I don’t think its that she is strong rather than she has really good control over her emotions). He goes0 on in his head saying how he does not care if he was annoying at times or even pushy he just wanted to help her any way that he possibly could, and just wanted to be there for her.  And I think that he doing this in his head pushed him to do what he winds up doing.  Because after they finish bringing all the sparklers Chizuru says whelp its time to go. And out of no where he says :you know what my ideal girlfriend is like?: And then goes on to list pretty much every trait that Chizuru has, implying that it is her. What I think got her was at the end he says she is usually strong but when she is sad she can let her guard down for a little bit and cry, after that there was this small pause and she got thrown into a flash back thinking about her grandma and her as a child when she had asked her grandma if she ever felt alone. Then another flashback to her and her grandma on her death bead.  This gets her! Because as we go back to present day she is crying.

She throws herself onto Kazuya and legit cried for a while! Finally giving that man some true emotion.

After all this its Kazuya in his apartment, FIRST off we see him laying in his tub on his back but ass naked with a little black blur over his dick! WHAT!? And he gets out and says not even a hot bath can make me not think about what happened meaning the real emotion Chizuru showed him. We learn that even after the scene we saw she continued to cry for like another 10 minuets.   But then it almost seemed like it was back to normal.  She just says ok thank and i’m sorry for that see ya.

As Kazuya is daydreaming about Chizuru thinking about how that was a little bit of progress at the end of the day and how much in love he is with her he even yells that maybe he should have hugged her!  Like yes my dude that was 100 percent the move right here. He even points out that maybe she isn’t as tough as he thought she is just someone who hides well behind her armor. This is just one MAJOR massive simp moment from him on her behalf.

he snaps out of it only to find MINI sitting on the side of him in his bed.  He freaks out and she is like well the door is unlocked so here I am.

So mini is there very curious about what happened on the big date and he winds up telling her. Minus the part where Chizuru cried. Even mini says that this is big progress. All the while as she is talking she is trying to take a selfie with her and Kazuya for the socials. Lol

Right here tho she does say you know what the next step is right?  Asking her out on a regular date.  Not a rental one. He freaks out of course. And is like WHAT no her and I are just rental girlfriend and client…

Mini even says here that it is clear to anyone now that your relationship has gone way beyond the rental phases. Which is something we touched on in the last episode. (note however that mini does not know about Chizurus meltdown she had) and Kazuya in his head right here points out that if he were to go ask her out on a regular date right now it might just be pushing it.   Like hes just trying to land it on the rebound or something. After a little back and fourth and mini jumping on top of him trying to grab his phone he runs out of his apartment and says I got to go get some lunch…

He goes and gets some peaches for lunch, legit like 4 peaches which is weird.   But anyways he decides he should go give 2 of them to Chizuru to help cheer her up.   As he is walking out his front door to go give them to her he is talking to himself trying to work up his nerves.  As he closes the door he sees Chizuru walking up the walkway. He stops in shock… it’s a little awkward at first and right as Kazuya is about to speak she cuts him off and days next week huh? Talking about the movie premier.  Then ask him what color she should wear.  Legit just acting normal like their relationship didn’t just get to a new level.

He winds up not even giving her the peaches. Back in his apartment he is rolling around his bed freaking out because why is she acting like this when they just had a major moment together   he even questions if the tears were even real or if she was just acting.  He says does she have perfect control over her tear glands. He is thinking that because he said his ideal girlfriend cries and she was on a rental job she cried for him. He even remembers her saying the customer is always right.   But I think it was real.

Then we see a moment where chizuru is talking to pictures of her grandparents, talking about the rental date she just had with Kazuya she goes on a little bit about him saying some what good things then sits back and says AWWW MAN..   shes realizing it!

Credit roll.  This threw me for a loop until I realized they had A LOT after the credit roll


After we see the theater audience cheering because they all watched the movie and loved it!

After that Chizuru was looking for Kazuya when she runs into the director. Turns out Kazuya was still in business mode and he went to thank the movie theater for letting them premier there.  During this conversation the director ask Chizuru if her grandma got to see the movie, and mentions how Kazuya rished over as soon as he heard the movie was done to grab it and a projector. Remember Kazuya told Chizuru that it was no big deal and the club offered to let him borrow the projector not that he asked them to. So Kazuya made it seem smaller of a deal than it actually was.

Chizuru winds up finding Kazuya sitting on the stairs outside of the cinema looking drained and she touches the back of his neck with a cold drink.  She sits with him and they have a little talk. He ask her what she will do next, like if she will keep acting and she says with her grandparents being dead and all you would think not..  But she will because her grandma has to be watching from somewhere.

The scene between these two ends with them walking to the after party.  And its basically Kazuya simping saying how she always helps him move forward in life…

Then we see Ruka in a maids outfit saying I wonder if Kazuya will like this!!   Is she gonna show up at the after parts like that?!?!  Because Kazuya just told Chizuru she had a shift at their job and couldn’t go.  Perhaps she will show up to surprise him.  But dressed like that?!?!


We see Sumi on a run with her dog and then she stops to talk to some random people not much to take away from that.

We see Mini doing stuff for social media, not much to take away from that.

But the big one here we see Kazuyas friend Kibe walking and talking on the phone.  He says Yeah im almost there, You want to bring in another advisor?  (so he is doing business) then says you became friends with them on social media!  well if you trust them then I am ok with it.  As he walks in we see Kazuyas grandma!!!!! So Obviouslly he is an advisor for Kazuyas family business!  THEN WE SEE MAMI!!!!!  SHE HAS WORKED HER WAY INTO THE FAMILY BUSINESS!!!!


D- 6

B – 7

X – 5

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9 months ago

Xay can have an entire podcast just being his final explanation lmfao

9 months ago

What an anti-climax. He really is an idiot. Baka!

9 months ago

Bruh i was really expecting that they’ll finally confess :’)

9 months ago

You gotta be kidding dude ! Seriously

9 months ago

In just gonna say it. He’s stupid for not choosing Ruka. A relationship rooted in lies and games and fakery is no relationship. I’ve been married a quarter century. My wife is a Ruka. She has my back no matter what and she doesn’t play games. I don’t either. This dude needs to grow up.

9 months ago

Bye Everyone, See you all in Season 4

9 months ago

freakin christ this guy is hopeless. I had to pause episode cuz I was fuming that he didn’t comfort her when she was crying. Shit made me so mad…

9 months ago

This really is where this series should’ve ended. The manga has been dragging on for too long that it’s kind of annoying. They should’ve ended it here with them getting together and then a prologue skipping a few years to see how they ended up.

9 months ago

Dammit dude, just hug her it was right there for the taking. Stress me out from just watching, like come on.