Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 11 (The big date)

Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 11 (The big date)

October 2, 2023

Opens to Kazuya waiting for Chizuru to show up, and she taps him on the shoulder and says wow you’re freaking out.

After the intro, Kazuya and Chizuru, apparently in the middle of Tokyo right away she asks Kazuya for the money. She wants to get that done and over with. And she is just being straightened to the point completely in business mode and causing I even thinks to himself. Hes like, Hey, what’s up with this freaking act here?

The Day has been planned and Kazuya will be trying to show Chizuru a good time that includes shopping, food and a lot more.  The first thing they do is go shopping, and here we see Chizuru trying on some cloths and she really likes it. And Kazuya points out that he will be buying her ANYTHING she wants. She points out here or rather says why does it seem like you are trying so hard. In his head here he thinks that she takes her fashion seriously and this should make 1230her happy. After he pays for the outfit she liked she decides to actually wear it for the rest of the day because he seemed to light up when she had her hand on it. Actually in this scene we see Chizuru slap the shit out of Kazuya because he was being a little weird and she says look right now we are a couple, its what you paid for so no holding back.

After this as they are walking down the sidewalk we see Chizuru ask him if they can hold hands.  And I hate when they do stuff like this with her because a part of me wants to think that she is doing this deep down because she low key actually likes him.   But at the end of the day I know it is because shes working it. There is also another one of those famous RAG scenes here where Kazuya is with a girl and on lookers are pointing out how hot the girl he is with is….

The next thing he had planned was a movie.  Obviously, Chizuru is into film so this wasn’t a half bad idea despite the fact that at the end of the movie he starts to second guess his decisions on that.

While inside of the actual theater she again right here says you are acting suspiciously nice to me. But then the convo changes pretty quickly.   Once the movie starts they wind up holding hands while watching it. A real dream come true for Kazuya… I also want to point out that she was the one who grabbed his hand first!!

Now after the movie he was second guessing it because he didn’t understand it and was scared that Chizuru was also going to not be into it. BUT she runs up to him and gushes about it for a little while! And then out of nowhere I assume she realized she was nerding out to him and just it off and says yeah, the movie was good. But Kazuya realized it was a hit with her and how all his research had paid off.

Next they got some food at a pretty nice restaurant. After looking at the menu for a little while Chizuru puts her head in her hands and looks right at Kazuya and says admit it you are worried about me aren’t you.  Kazuya literally turns into stone right her. She basically says look I told you I am fine. And this date it just too much. Don’t tip tie around the issue that just makes it more awkward for me. Hes like nooooo its not like that.

But she also thanks him for the projector thing right here.  And she says she had thought about this and when to actually talk to him about it since it’s a personal matter and doing so here on the date sort of breaks the 4th wall. But I imagine since she really knows what this truly is anyways she decided to just get it out the way.

It even gets a little emotional here as they talk about her grandma and how she got to see a little part of the movie and what not.  Kazuya is thankful to hear this. After the lunch Chizuru says look you have already done enough for me I cant ask anymore of you.  And Kazuya is like look this is what I want I just need you to tag along with me.  Then there is a scene of just him here saying she has no idea that the date it about to be kicked up a notch! New gear starting now.

Next they go wall rock climbing, he remembered from the past when him and Chizuru had done it once before how good shew was at it and liked it.  But truthfully I think he had a more devious plan in place because he knew she would help him stretch having to touch and push all up on him. As she is doing all this they show her titties jiggling, and Kazuya basically nutting himself because he had his hand on her back helping her stretch out.

Now there is a moment while Chizuru is climbing where she thinks that she cant go any higher and out of nowhere Kazuya tells her what to do and where to put her foot and it works! She is like where did you learn this and he is like ohh just online.  But the truth was he had gone days before this and practiced his brains out.  Showing that he really put his all into this date.

She makes it to the top and comes down giving Kazuya a massive high five to show her excitement.   His date is working. She is letting loose and having fun.

After this she was hungry again. WELL turns out Kazuya planed for this and had reservations at a Super fancy restaurant. Once they walk in Chizuru even ask Kazuya if he struck oil or something.

Again he is like noooo I budgeted for this. Although for pretty much the rest of the date we see him looking at his wallet being basically empty.

Chizuru is like ok if you say so but you are not getting a happy ending out of this and he is like WHAT!?

Right as they are going to get seated Chizuru sees a little girl with her grandma and that threw her in to a flashback of her with hers and it throws her for a loop a little bit. But she does not let it ruin the dinner. They sit down and destroy some crab legs. Chizuru even offers Kazuya the first bite and she kind of has this crab leg dangling and hes like oh what I couldn’t and then sucks it down out of her hand.

Visually this was pretty funny.

The final part of the date was at night, he took her to go pop some fireworks, within the pack were some sparklers. This throws Chizuru yet again into another flashback oh her as a kid with her grandma. Apparently, those were her grandma’s favorite. So, she lights one and is looking at it as Kazuya goes to get a bucket of water to be safe.  On his way back with it he sees Chizuru hunched down shaking a bit obviously crying because her flash backs have for sure gotten to her.

The episode closes with Kazuya looking at Chizuru’s back while holding the bucket.

BROOOOO this is his chance to walk up behind her and just give her a massive hug.  Not in a creepy way but more in a supportive way.  I think she would appreciate that more than anything in this particular moment.   But we all know he will drop the bag.

D – 6

B – 6

X – 4

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9 months ago

The level of femininity in this child is unbearable. He cries more than all of the girls do combined. He has some strong points in passion and compassion, but he lets his finances allow for him to do anything which couldn’t be further from the truth. He has to have spent nearly $5,000-10,000 given he sustains dates with 4 different rental girlfriends. Also seeing how tough she acts is a massive issue with women nowadays why be so greedy and inconsiderate to someone who helps you. After this series is over I am putting it in my banned series since I cant wait for it to end this insufferable charade of romance the show believes is proper.

9 months ago

if kazuya does not break up with ruka next season i am gonna delete my account

9 months ago

It’s like the series just started all over again. I’m done, not sitting through another 35 episodes of this.

9 months ago

You can tell she just wants to cry her heart out but she’s staying so strong that’s just why she is the best girl

9 months ago

67,000 yen is equivalent to around $450, if anyone’s curious

9 months ago
Reply to  Will2480

Bro just paid almost $500 just to take her out and spend more money for her to have fun when he could’ve just Manned up and invited her on a regular date and done the same thing lol

9 months ago

Manga readers know the next part of the story makes chizuru no longer the best girl.