Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 10 (The “finger” game)

Rent A Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 10 (The “finger” game)

September 23, 2023

The episode starts out with kazuya waiting for Sumi to show up. Apparently, we were right, and he did wind up renting her as the rental girlfriend for the day. Although we weren’t completely off either. Because at the end of this, he does rent Chizuru, so it’s a double-edged sword episode.
Summer trips…


There’s not really a whole lot to decipher with this episode. It’s just Kazuya hanging out with Sumi all day. And hes essentially just trying to get some information from her on what he could do for Chizuru

Now, when he tells Sumi that he only rented her for an hour because he doesn’t need some advice. She kind of gets shocked here and very emotional about it. I guess she feels special because he went to her for advice rather anyone else. Sumi gets really worked up about this, and she starts walking closer to Kazuya all backing him into the wall, and hes like. Hey, wow, let’s slow it down a second. Let’s take this to a café. And we can figure out what it is that we need to go and figure out.
At the café, Kazuya tell Sumi about Chizurus Grandma, and she basically has the same reaction that Mini had over it, pretty much crying her eyes out on the table, so Sue me decides to ask if Chizuru is okay, and this is where it all kind of boils down Kazuya says, I really don’t know.

He goes into this really long spell about how it’s kind of hard to tell with her because she did say she was fine with that big old fake smile, but at the same time deep down inside, he knows she has to be hurting, and it’s kind of hard for him to do anything for her because at the end of the day, they really are just client and girlfriend versus like actual friends. So in the midst of all this Sumi looks down at Her teeth as she gulps, it says a little. Thank you, prayer, and then grabs his arm to rush him off. For the day that they’re about to have together. And I’m pretty sure her in case he’ll both ran out of the café without paying for the tea. Because at the end of it, he was like. Hey, hold on, let me at least pay.

So they wind up at sinjuku train station and Kazuya is, looking at a map kind of trying to figure out where they’re gonna be going, and he puts it together that she wants to go to the beach. So in natural, Kazuya fashion, he kind of has a little freak out and hes like no way we can’t go to the beach and hes like I only rented you for an hour anyways and Sumi puts her phone away and very quietly. She’s like I want to help. Chizuru anyway that I can too. Let the ocean waves wash away our worries away. We can go as friends.

Now on the train, there’s a really funny moment where Sumi wants to play this little finger game, so Kazuya was, like. Yeah, okay, sure, and they start playing and ask her finger touches his finger. He lets out this like, weird f****** moan. And then they keep playing and her finger touches his again. And he moans again, and that s*** had me literally rolling lapsing.

So they get to the beach, and after a little moment, standing on it Sumi just takes off walking, and Kazuya is like. Hey, where are you going? And she points to? This thing called the sea candle and causing us like what we’re going to the sea candle that’s for rich folk.
Now you have to understand that this thing is like a giant tower overlooking the ocean, so they get up to the base of it and Sumi reads the little map for it. And she just starts barreling up the stairs and Kazuya is like what the h*** we’re taking the stairs, so they make it all the way up, and this dude is absolutely dead because about midway up, he had to start running up the stairs because he was behind Sumi, but he noticed he could see up her dress and could see like her panties and what not, so he like, pushes her aside, and hes like, excuse me. I’ll take the lead and he just runs up all the way to the top. So when they get app there, hes exhausted.

So once they are up at the top, they kind of look through some binoculars and take in all the scenery that they can see from High above. And we even get a little seen where this guy’s with his girlfriend, and hes like. Hey, look at that girl talking about Sumi, and hes like she’s so beautiful and gorgeous like, really rizing her up, and hes with his girlfriend, and she’s like grabbing his ear. She’s like, what are you implying? Come with me and like pulls h8im away. This is the second scene in this episode. where there are some strangers. And they’re really rizzing up sumi.
It’s almost directly after this, where Sumi notices 2 girls in their kind of like screaming real loud. Just, you know, excited to be at the top of the sea candle, so she’s looking out at the ocean, and she takes a deep breath. She’s getting ready to try and scream herself. But when it comes out, only thing that comes out. Is just a really soft and tiny like yo. So Kazuya just decides to do it for her, and he screams.

After that, they just kind of spend the whole day on the sea candle. You know, eating food getting fortunes having a good time really. And cause he still has no idea. What Sumi is trying to do right here? But us, as the viewers can kind of guess that she’s trying to show him like what a good time. A good date is like she’s implying to him. Like this is what you need to do for cheese room.
The day for them closes out down on the beach and Sumi Goes into the water, and she splashes around a little bit by herself. And then she eventually calls calcium over to go in the water with her. So he does, and they play a bit, and hes letting Loose having a lot of fun, and Then he trips and falls and has a little moment of panic because he thought he might have had his phone in his pocket. We’ve all been there, thankfully. He didn’t. And then they both start laughing and hes like. Wow, I really let loose there. This is, you know, a good time.
And then at the very end of the day when the Sun’s starting to go down, they’re both sitting on the beach, and Sumi writes a few things in the sand obviously because she doesn’t talk, and the first thing she writes is, positivity starts with a smile cause you’re kind of looks at her and hes like Sue me then she writes. I’m not very useful so I at least want people who are in pain to have some fun. So cause ya puts it together right here. That like this was her plan all alone. She planned on showing him a good time and kind of implies that that’s what he should do for Chizuru show her a good time in her time of pain.

Now, after all this, we get a pretty big scene with Kazuya and Ruka. And they’re both at work. And this is the first time that Ruka hears of cheeseburger’s grandmother passing. And here even rookie says look, we’re in a truce so I want to do something to cheer her up too. But family matters can be kind of delicate, which is true. Again, right here, that’s ruka really showing her maturity that she has found this season. So Ruka ends up putting 2 and 2 together here and realizing that Kazuya wants to go and cheer up. Chizuru and she’s like, no, that would be insensitive. She’s just a rental girlfriend. Having you ask her client, try to cheer her up would be crossing so many lines. But again, going back to the maturity that she has found this season. She thinks back to a time where she had a thought in her head. Where she’s like if he treats a rental girl from this good. Imagine how he would treat his real girl for him. And she kind of halves and she’s like, look. This situation warrants it so I won’t stop you. But in return you’d better take me to the amusement park

So what we see next is Kazuya. Asking his boss for an advance on his pay. And his boss is like wait. Why are you hitting the red light district? And for those of you that don’t know, the red light district is like strippers own out there. But he just winds up coming clean. And hes like there’s a girl that I want to cheer up. And then the boss right here gets a little creepy and hes like. Wait, I thought you were dating Ruka Chan. Because just a little FYI she’s mine. And then Kazuya, Points out that this dude is married. And hes like, don’t you dare make a move. And obviously cause hes just trying to get his advance on his pay as like. Look, I swear in my life. I won’t say anything. So cause you’re a cuts, a deal where hes gonna have to, like work, some doubles and s***Apparently, they’re gonna be low on staff next month. So hes gonna come in as much as he possibly. Can all this just to get an advance on his pay right now?


The montage after that is literally causing. I’ll just busting his a** for the next like couple of days or weeks or whatever it may have been. I couldn’t even have been just for that 1 day. For all I know. In my head, it was like a couple of weeks, but whatever for the point of the matter is as he was busting his a** in the next scene. There’s even a small moment here. Where Ruca runs to the door and she’s like Kazuya. I’m clocking out, but hes so focused on his work. Just grind for that f****** pay where she just kind of like stops and puts her head down a little bit. Too like, oh, it was a little sad to me. My man worked a 10 hour shift that day to get his advance on pay. So he was exhausted by the time he got home. And we see him walk up to their apartments. And he kind of looks at Chizurus door.

So right before the credits on this episode, it closes out with Kazuya. Hes got like a magazine open with advice on like modern Tokyo dates since hes got like notes written, and we see him with a f***** on a cash in his hands. And hes like I’m gonna rent Chizuru out tomorrow. And I’m gonna make it the best date ever.

Outlook roll

After roll

So after the credit role in this episode, there was a little clip, nothing crazy. It’s just cause hes standing there kind of stressing about this date and emphasizing that he put all of his advanced pay into this date to rent cheese room for 10 hours, so that’s an all day affair and they show him stressing out and like hitting the wall, and there’s 2 guys kind of on looking kind of like what the f*** is wrong with that guy and then we see a clip of like Chizuru scanning. I think it was just like a train pass or something. And pretty much just walking up to what I assume. Is the area that caused the eyes in to get? This day started and then the show finally cuts.

Also wanna point out that pharmacist showed me that the episode helped this season. Finally like get into top 10 and I mean. Like number 7 or some s***So it was like, decently up there. So they took Sumi to get this showed a crack topped in. It took the second time that they’ve been in the top 101 was from when their week was off, and another was when Sumi was a main portion of the episode.
D – 6
B – 7
X – 4

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9 months ago

bro that moan when sumi-chan touched his finger was just so… immaculate

9 months ago

Sumi chan is the BEST girl in the show. Its OVER. Idc what anyone says. I think Mizuhara is overrated AF. cant beat a girl like sumi who literally just created the perfect date on a whim SPONTANEOUSLY. Doing it to help a friend too. Mizuhara will just never ever get close enough to him. He does all that work for someone who never reciprocates. Yet with him and sumi its so natural…AM I the only one thinking/feeling this way?! Just feels like this show is an endless loop of the same thing with exceptions like this that make me really enjoy it

9 months ago

I hate that the guy had to go back to simping after becoming a friend he downgraded himself. Writers took a fat L

9 months ago

Ruka really ain’t that bad now and I feel so bad for her cause he never even given her a chance even though they supposed to be in trial

9 months ago

He still renting her out after all they been through lol

9 months ago

“guys only exist to cheer girls up” goddammit the is the simpest anime I’ve ever watched what am I even doing here

9 months ago

Why is bro still RENTING. Grow a pair, stop being a sperg, and just ask them out ffs lol. Show is so frustrating.

9 months ago

Art around 4;17 the straw is messed up for like the 15 seconds they show that frame. I mean they couldn’t have at least made it a sensible picture if they’re gonna have us stare at it for so long?

9 months ago

sumi is like a pokemon. shes mute and cute when trying to communicate

9 months ago

Sumi the only one who brings us a good episode once in a while

9 months ago

10/10 marry sumi