Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 12 Discussion (Episode32)

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 12 Discussion (Episode32)

September 23, 2022

I’m not saying that I thought this episode was bad, I only wish we would have gotten this a little earlier in the season. Because apart from this episode really and truly the only other episode that felt like something major was happening was when Mami went to Kazuya’s work. 


The episode opens at the hospital, Chizuru is telling her grandma that she needs to leave and go to acting school when her grandma replies with thank you, Nurse. This is an implication that her grandma is really worse off than we may have thought. 

As this intro rolls for this episode they let a scene play through seeing as it was the last episode and all. The scene is basically Chizuru at the acting school and explaining how there are 65 students there only for two to wind up getting signed with an agency each year.  She says that even fewer actually wind up getting work. (Meaning if you want it you really have to work hard for it.) We get a glimpse of that hard work when we see one of the students ask Chizuru if she wants to go get some good with them, she says that she has rehearsals and can’t. Then we see another student praising Chizuru to the guy who asked her, saying how she never misses a single lesson. She’s doing all that and visiting her grandma in the hospital twice a day, every day, plus two auditions a week.  We learned here that acting school costs 24,000 yen a month, 166 us dollars. 

Here we see the guy that she was holding hands with at the end of the last episode and it was indeed just a rental date. Thankfully. 

After the intro song and clip finishes 

We are back at the hospital and the Dr is telling Chizuru that her grandma has not been eating much lately. She goes back home and is sort of sad thinking about how she won’t be able to be in a movie quick enough for her grandma to actually be alive and see her in it. She gets a text about a movie audition she went and did only to be told that they were not picking her.  She goes up to a picture of her grandpa and says I failed again. This throws us into a major flashback that will last until mid way of the episode here.  It was 7 years ago, Chizuru, her grandma and her Grandpa were still alive at the time and were all living together. Her grandma was 70 at the time. Here we will learn that as cool as we may think her Grandma is, Her Grandpa was much cooler. We see her grandpa tell her that dreams always come true, He takes her to a shrine, apparently there is a thing where if you go up and down the stairs of the shrine 100 times your prayers will get answered. Her Grandpa says Praying to the gods works. He starts to tell her a story of how the night he and her grandma got married he took a note of his emotions there and before he can finish Chizuru is like that’s just superstition. He is behind her with this shocked face on. 


We learn that even as a kid Chizuru loved books and movies, she would go to the library even on her day off to go read. She saved all the money she could get just to go see movies. She had heard that her grandma used to be an actress. So aside from obviously loving movies I’d say that knowing her grandma was an actress may have had a little bit to do with her deciding it was what she wanted to do.  It was when she was in the 9th grade when she decided that being an actress was what she really wanted to do. We see her here at a movie store looking and her face drops a little and her jaw drops to the floor. She winds up finding a movie that her grandma was actually in! On the cover of the movie it said “Staring Otori Sayuri, winner of Japan’s Rising Star Award ” so apparently her grandma was a big deal.  The movie was called One thousand Cranes. She takes it home to show her Grandma and this really takes her back. She was a little embarrassed because Chizuru wanted to watch it with her.  They watch it and she is BLOWN away. Her grandma was a prodigy, Otori was her stage name. She was a method actor and her first role ever took the acting world by storm. Her grandma tells her that her name was taken from the title of this movie. “Senbazuru” she says that Chizuru’s mom used to say “Like a thousand folded Cranes all the time. And she wanted Chizuru to grant wishes and bring happiness. 

We then see young Chizuru walking and her present day is narrating saying it was then that i learned you don’t “Have” dreams they take over you. As she’s walking she is reading the script for the movie her grandma had been in and she says can I be like her too?

As her, her Grandma, and Grandpa are eating dinner which I assume was later on in the day, she tells them that she wants to be an Actress. Obviously having been in the industry her grandma tells Chizuru the world of acting is not easy.. Then her Grandpa runs over to her and is like IS THAT YOUR DREAM!? You can do it! Obviously like any good parent would, he tells her that the world is changing and the future is unknown so she should still go to school. He’s then like regardless I’m so happy that you were finally able to say your dream out loud. Her grandpa just seemed like a super supportive person.

This happy moment comes to an end however, we see Chizuru going through the motions of school and acting classes when we see her Grandpa in a car at a red light.  As it turns green and they take off, a truck fails to stop and hits her grandpa’s car..  They are at the hospital and Chizuru gets there and asks if her grandpas will be ok, her grandma says no. We see Chizuru look up at the sign that said operating and then she takes off running out of the hospital.  She gets to the shrine, takes her shoes off and runs up the stairs and prays. She goes up and down 100 times like her grandpa said. Back at the hospital in the room with her grandpa we learned that his brain suffered a lot of damage, the doctors say how he is not coming to and tonight will wind up being the make of break night. Chizuru enters and her feet are torn up from running up the stone stairs of the shrine 100 times. Then she starts talking out loud to her grandpa, she says remember that you said you’d see me become an actress and that I had your full support. She says you said it yourself grandpa, if you keep wishing for it you can make any dream come true! (at this point she is crying). Just then his hand moves a little bit, Chizuru dives in to hold it. We hear him say True… Wish… True…If you wish for it….  Your Dream… Will… Come true… and his hand slowly falls out of her hand and his vitals hit 0 on the machine and we hear the dreaded heartbeat machine stop beeping and goes into a long beep.  Implying that he was gone. 

This was basically mid way in the episode because we see the half way marker 


Cut back to the present day. She is still talking to the picture of her grandpa.  She says Did you lie to me? When you said dreams come true? If you did that’s fine. I know some wishes don’t come true no matter how hard you try. As she is crying and having her breakdown the doorbell rings.  It’s Kazuya! He’s like open up! Then basically barges his way into her house. He’s holding his laptop up in her face and he is like look! He had been looking up and doing research on what crowdfunding was. He tells her how this is a way to make a movie quickly, he says that most people do this and make a movie for around 2 million yen 13k us dollars. So cheap and it only takes about a month to shoot. He’s like that should be enough time right?! (Note he is talking in his loud excited scream voice) Chizuru is like wait calm down for a second. He tells her that they can even rent out a screen at the movie theater these days. He says this is basically a perfect chance to have her Grandma see her on the Silver screen like she had been wishing and dreaming for. He says remember I’m majoring in business administration, I’ll get the funding. He then says “Let’s make a movie together.  But I will say for that budget of 13k the only movies I know of that can be filed for so little are… Well nvm lets just say (Make a movie with me) may not have been the best way to ask… After all this she says sorry I have to think about it. He goes we don’t have time for that ! Which obviously Chizuru knows. She says just let me think then closes her door. 

He’s back in his apartment after, losing his mind. He goes, the clock is ticking.. He thinks what is Chizuru doing? Is she racking her brain? Then pictures her in the shower of course. He thinks about how long making a movie would actually take he figures about a month to film and a month to edit then wonders if Chizuru’s grandma even has that much time left.  He basically winds up saying screw it and starts signing up for the crowdfunding site to start the process. I guess he figured he would just talk Chizuru into it after he got the money for it. As he is filling out the info he hears Chizurus door close and hears her walking on the balcony then gets to his door and rings the doorbell. He opens the door and they have a little awkward pause before Chizuru asks if he can really do it. She says that she does not want to waste the time she has left with her grandma and she does not want to do it if he will just wind up giving up halfway. 

He says I can do it! Then starts screaming again.  I’ll show you that I can! Chizuru has a flashback to when he jumped off the boat to save her way back in season one and thinks “Men really are idiots, they put on airs and have their heads in the clouds. In this world dreams do not come true”. Out loud she says then.. Please help me make my movie. So Grandma can see it. Kazuya says you’re on, I swear I’ll see it though no matter what!   

The credit song starts 🙁


After The Credits. We see Kazuya slamming Monsters and working on stuff for the movie.  We even see him out at school and his friends ask him to go out with them. He goes some other time.  We see him at work working on stuff for the movie (Reading a how to make a movie book) and Ruka was behind him  Trying to get his attention and he completely ignored her. Then we see a sign on a floor that says rich in courage and there was also a dog’s ass in this scene, then we see Sumi standing outside of a store. Not sure what the store was or if the sign was related to her, but you know how her story line is so small in this show does it even really matter.  Then we see a sake shop profile on twitter. Obviously Kazuyas and Mami is still on her shit, Looks like she was tweeting something to them. She even asks herself do i have no life?  Like get over him geez..  We see the two grandmas at the hospital talking.  Then we see Kazuya and Chizuru run into each other in front of a café. THENNNNN we see some stairs with a sign that says move in and packin as someone’s head walks into the frame a little bit.  It was black hair with a little bit of blue in it.  THE NEW GIRL! 

The very last scene of the episode was Chizuru naked in a tum completely under water holding her knees to her chest. She is just thinking about Kazuya and how he wants to help her make a movie. She holds her face and says Damn it that idiot.  

The last image of the episode said enjoy the rest of this dream with Diamond.  


Asylum Rated this episode an 8

Thomacus rated this episode an 8


the next post will have our overall rating for the entire season accumulated from a sum of every rating that we gave each episode!

3rd season was confirmed. 


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1 year ago

Mizuhara’s grandma was actually beautiful was she was younger

1 year ago

Well time to wait for season 3 of this Anime, I’m going to watch Bleach TYBW Arc and Spy X Family Season 2 until then.

1 year ago

this show exposed me to rom com animes. idc what they say its amazing

1 year ago

so happy i gave this anime a chance, this honestly has become one of my all-time favorites and will recommend to future people.

1 year ago

What a way to end the season…… If nothing else (besides an idiot) Kazuya is determined.

1 year ago

See guys and gals? It is possible to get the girl of your dreams.
Just be sure to spend an obscene amount of money on fake dates over the course of a year and then fund a movie, anyone can do it!

1 year ago

Just wanted to tell you, In Chapter 226 kazuya finally gets a real kiss from chizuru. But that’s not until chapter 226

1 year ago

ngl this episode had me kinda Hyucked up at times

1 year ago

See all y’all next season

1 year ago

If y’all were crying when truck-kun caught grampa lacking wait til you see what happens to granny sayuri