RAG Season 3 Episode 5 (This man is in LOVE)

RAG Season 3 Episode 5 (This man is in LOVE)

August 11, 2023

We open to see Kazuya in class again and he is looking at a bill statement seeing all he has been paying and says with big money comes big responsibility. His friend who was sitting next to him is like yow hats wrong with you lately? And Kazuya is like its nothing really.

He says I set a big goal and now that it’s sort of becoming real I’m getting cod feet.  His friend not knowing what is going on is like so what you’re going to marry Chizuru or something? Of course, Kazuya is like WHAT like hell! Then Kibe basically says look stop stressing, even if you fail you will learn something from this, and no matter what there isn’t anybody out there who hasn’t brought about a miracle once before in their life. Just razzing his friend up really.



After the intro it starts! Everyone is there for full production of the movie. And I will say it felt at times that we would never get to this point. Before they all start working the Producer from the film club gives some words and everyone giggles, then Chizuru gives some words being the main actress and everyone claps and awes, then Its Kazuyas turn to give some words as second director, he gets all nervous and is like uhhh uhmmm then gives some decent words basically saying I don’t know shit about film production and I am counting on all of you here then bows.  It’s quiet no claps, no laughs then we hear one person clapping its Chizuru which then sparks everyone else to clap.

As they get to work filming, we wind up seeing Kazuya doing a ton of work prepping sets, holding cables, bringing people water. and what not looking a little flustered at time, probably because he thought being a producer meant he got to talk to Chizuru all day.  What he failed to realize is that he is a second producer so this was his course the entire time.

As we get to the last scene, they were going to film for the day the plushie scene we see Ruka (I think) she looked different outside of her school uniform. in a chair saying she is thirsty and kazuya brings a water then saying she is hot then he fans her all the while he looks over to see someone else from the film crew talking to chizuru. As he is looking the girl, he was catering to grabs his arm and says bit I get to spend time with you as long as I am on set.

SO they go to film the scene and a dang cicada starts making noise, we have all been there trying to film something and the dang bugs are making noise. They say that this is a crucial scene. Probably the most important and emotional of the movie. So the cicada is up on the bridge wall.  We see Kazuya take off running to try and shoe it away. This dude climbs over the bridge wall and is dangling off the bridge!! He gets it but slips and falls into the water…

Everyone is like of shit get him!! They shoot the scene and Chizuru was crying in it. Kazuya is doing a monologue here and points out that it was a very powerful scene and Chizuru crushed it so hard that even some of the people on set were crying. He says in his head how he can see her becoming a huge star in japan, a house hold nae even.  And questions where that will leave him.  But like bro you are a producer of this none the less you will get movie credits from having produced this so he could go on the do more films with her having had some experience once before.  He is just self-loathing I suppose.

This self-loathing even goes into the next scene when he is back at his apartment the next day.

The next morning, they are back to filming, as Chizuru is greeting everyone, she sees Kazuya starting at her and says good morning to him directly he sorts of puts his head down and is like oh hi.   Obviously still butthurt about the self-loathing stuff.

They wind up having to teak a break filming because of the rain and as we see Kazuya sitting outside on some covered stairs Chizuru comes outside to make a phone call. He goes to walk off to give er some privacy and she legit just ask him if she has done something wrong.  She can even notice the absurd amount of self-loathing he has been doing the past couple of days. She’s like its ok if you don’t like me but you are my producer you can’t avoid me like this.

He grows a pair of balls here and says what’s bothering him, the fact that she will be a top tier actress and he will just be a store manager. She’s like are you stupid! SO what if those are our paths that we have to take in life.  She says no one is better than anyone else here no matter what they do or what they will do.   Sure you are slow, dim-whited, hapless, clumsy, foolish, and pathetic, but you still have a wonderful life.   For each insult she threw at him that had a scene where he was getting punched by the insults, thought that was funny.

She then says not once have I ever regretted meeting you.  Yeah because he was giving you all that money and now making you a movie!

They finished up filming all the scenes but one. And the next day Kazuya gets a call from the film club saying that they have decided to move on to another project seeing how this one was basically done, they would still loan Kazuya the equipment needed to get the last scene but they needed to start on their new one. We learn here that the last shot needing to be filmed was in a location that required travel! So it would wind up being just Kazuya and Chizuru.

He goes to mini for help! He says that he was also planning on asking Ruka to go along and help. Mini says don’t worry I will take care of it all, book our train rides, make and itinerary don’t worry about any of it.

Some time passes by and its time for the trip as Kazuya and Chizuru meet up at the train station, we get another one of those scenes where every guy in the train station is gawking over Chizuru.  They really do put a lot of those in this show. One of the guys is like oh a trip with her boyfriend and the other says she’s probably a rental girlfriend.  Kazuya points out that this is the first time anyone has ever guessed it right…

Chizuru ask where the other two are meaning mini and Ruka. Kazuya is like I’ve tried calling Mini all day but she won’t pick up! They have 5 minuets before the train gets there and they aren’t at the station…

Chizuru is like well what about Ruka Kazuya says she was super excited for all this so he doubts she overslept or anything. Chizuru says you two are really hitting it off huh? He is like nahhh its not like that this is just a trial thing.

His phone goes off and its mini! We don’t get to hear what she is saying on the other end of the phone right here but he is in panic, and the train has arrived.  I assumed she was just saying that she couldn’t make it. No big deal.

Kazuya and Chizuru both wind up freaking out because mini said they weren’t going and they wind up having to get on the train together alone.

Once in the train Chizuru ask why exactly Mini said she and Ruka couldn’t come.  He has a flash back in his head not out loud and it’s what Mini was saying on the phone. Basically, she saw an opportunity and took it.  It was the perfect chance for Kazuya and Chizuru to be alone on a trip away from home. She says look this movie has improved how Chizuru thinks of you by leaps and bounds, strike while the iron is hot!


She even starts talking about how once a month Chizuru will get in a “Mood” meaning horny.  She was speaking about women in general here but pointed out Chizurus name since that’s who they were talking about. Kazuya is in complete shock here.

Mini says no matter how cute and classy Chizuru is she still has nights where she pines for the male touch. She says tonight might be one of those nights!



After thinking about all of this he decides to lie to Chizuru about what was said on the phone.  Mini text chizuru saying how she has the flu and he just goes along with that.

Hes like yeah that’s what she told me over the phone that sucks..  Chizuru shoots him a look here almost as if she knows he is lying.  I winder if she does know.

Then Kazuya gets  a call from Ruka and he is like where are you right now. She was out shopping.  Mini had called and told her the filming was postponed due to her having the flu… She thought of everything.

He gets off the phone and Chizuru says it looks like we are giving her the wrong idea.   Then ask if mini has planned all of this!   She even says “she seems to think we like each other” I feel like Chizuru knew exactly what was going on here!

Chizuru is like whatever we are already on the train lets just go get the shot.   Then goes into the bathroom and hunches over the sink and says are you serious…..

They have a little moment on the train while eating some food and its  basically Kazuya saying how he was grateful for everyone that helped out with this project since he cant do anything on his own.

After they get off the train they are at the other station when Kazuya goes to start walking towards the bus station and Chizuru says Hey, you know…..  and he turns around and is like what?  She says oh us, its just…  uhmmm she is really jumbling her words here nervous as fuck. Then says actually never mind and then walks past him… He is like WHAT what was that?!  I thought she was walking up to kiss him!


D – 4

B – 4

X – 5

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11 months ago

Omg this season is making me so mad like omg can kazuya and Chizuru get together already…

10 months ago

Yaemori #1 wingwoman