RAG Season 3 Episode 4 (A bit of a letdown.)

RAG Season 3 Episode 4 (A bit of a letdown.)

August 5, 2023


We open to see the episode picking up right where episode 3 left off, but sadly for me it just was not as juicy as I was expecting. Basically its Chizuru telling mini that Kazuya has already told her his feelings for her and she knows that’s how he really feels. Hes only renting her as a client and that’s why the rental company has TOS in place for situations like this. It basically leaves Mini dumbfounded.


Mini is letting Chizuru know that she will add item tiers for each item. Here we see Mini get to work for the page and also a little bit for Kazuya. She says I’m sure master would say I’m wrong. That he only wants to see you succeed as an actress. But also says then again that isn’t enough motivation for anyone to be doing all the work he is doing here. She even says I’m sure true love can start on something fake and on borrowed time.

Chizuru is obviously in her feelings here and we hear a camera snap! Its mini taking a picture of Chizuru for the crowdfunding page! She is working for the page and for Kazuya right here.

Chizuru says hey wait as Mini runs off and who does she see standing outside at the bottom of the balcony! Kazuya!!! Looking shocked as fuck he heard everything. I think

He lets Chizuru know that he asked the agency to put the funding page on the recommended spotlight but they weren’t too keen on the idea. All Chizuru says is OH and then goes inside…

As she is inside she is sitting against her door and pulls out the ring that Kazuya had given her from his grandma! She had it in her pocket the entire time. I assume to make sure mini dint find it and try to list it.

From here the episode can be broken down into a couple of major parts that we can digest at a whole rather than bit by bit. We will start with Chizuru meeting with Umi-Kun that she has acted with on stage before. Remember back in season 2 when we saw a very dapper guy with her and we all assumed that was someone she was crushing on. Well its him. And she is basically asking him if he can spread the word of their project and he says sure I can but I need something from you!
This will come back around and be a major part of the episode

As Kazuya is leaving to head out to class the next day Mini meets with him on the balcony and she notices that something is wrong with him. He tries to play it off as if nothing is wrong but then falls apart saying I think Chizuru is fed up with me. As he is explaining how the night before she was being short and weird with him and the whole time mini is sitting there sweating and whistling.

He notices this and one thing leads to another and it all unfolds, he finds out that mini told Chizuru that he loves her. He freaks out falling to the ground, mini immediately starts apologizing.
He goes I never even said I was in love with her! And she goes well you are a virgin so I meannnn.
After his little freakout on the ground he ask what did Chizuru say, and mini explains exactly what was said about how Kazuya himself had once told Chizuru that he had not fallen for her.

He goes back to the ground here for another little freakout.

All this while when he is down on the ground freaking out we see mini behind him taking a selfie with a selfie stick with Kazuya on the ground in the background of that pic.

But suddenly he gets a text from Chizuru saying that they need to talk tonight both of them and mini

basically the conversation that they have back at Kazuyas apartment is her saying how she had asked UmiKun to retweet the project for them and apparently he is famous on twitter with 230000 followers.
Kazuya immediately realizes who this is and get a little upset.

Here Kazuya ask Chizuru if something is wrong because she is visually distressed about something and she tries to say oh no its just a personal matter. But Mini and Kazuya pry it out of her and she spills the beans that in order to get the retweet from UmiKun Chizuru will have to go see a play with him seeing as his girlfriend has gotten sick and cant go with him. She claims it will be a good chance to learn a few things about acting by going see this play.

The problem with this is that the date of the play is July 28th the same day as the last day for the crowdfunding page! They had all planned to go and pass out flyers that day!

Kazuya actually gets mad here and you can see it in his face asking Chizuru if this was in exchange for a retweet. She says don’t be stupid he has a girlfriend anyways
Kazuya in his head right here even says I mean this is Chizuru we are talking about. No guy could ask her out without hoping it would lead to something.

Just as he is about to tell her that she shouldn’t  go mini chimes in and says you should go see that play, while while she has her hand over Kazuyas mouth. He grabs mini into a headlock and says give us a sec and they go into the bathroom. In there she tears into Kazuya saying how he has a ton of followers that follow him because he is an actor so they are likely to be film buffs. She says a date for a retweet is no different from the rental girlfriend job, just look at it from a different angle.

As they come out mini says we talked it over and think that you should go, Kazuya with tears in his eyes is like yeahhhhh Chizuru notices and says why the tears and mini chimes in and says oh he got toothpaste in his eyes. Mini even stretches it here and tells Chizuru to go and get a bite with the guy also. Kazuya slaps the shit out of her behind the head.

As Chizuru walks out to go home Kazuya falls to his knees on the balcony and starts screaming, mini is like shut up she will hear you!!

The next portion of this before the final scene is the date.

As they are walking to see the play Umi is saying how he is specifically excited to be there with Chizuru which could give off the wrong impression.   But he mentions that he knows how much she loves theater so it’s nice to see her reaction to all of this.

He then talks a little bit about Kazuya asking what he is like, here Chizuru sort of brushes it off saying how he talks a big game and gets extremely nervous a lot. However she closes it out by saying he did teach her the importance of having people around that actually care, and will say its possible.

Right as she is finishing all this up, she slips on the sidewalk and he ever so smoothly catches her! he says you seem frail so please be careful.

Cut to the gang getting ready to pass out fliers and Ruka is basically not helping the case with Kazuya being nervous about Chizuru being on the date, Shes saying how any man would have some sort of goal in mind when taking Chizuru out on a date like that.

As they start to pass out the fliers he thanks Ruka. And apologizes for stressing her out so much.

After this its back to Chizuru and Umi as they have just watched the play.  Chizuru is talking her head off about it in such excitement. Umi even points out that she is a different person after she sees a play. He then makes a remark that makes Chizuru say whoa calm down there or Nana (His Girlfriend) will have your head.  But we learn that he broke up with Nana so the whole “Oh she is sick and cant come” thing was a lie.

He somewhat tries to shoot his shot here saying that girls that are into acting are more appealing to him anyways. But as he is going off she gets a reminder on her phone for the fliers and she says look id love to stay but i have to go. but he shoots again and ask if she wants to go bet food.   Chizuru thinks back to mini saying that she thought she should go get some with him.

Back to the gang passing out fliers and Kazuya is stressed over the date so much so that he is losing focus when he heard “god you suck at this” and as he looks up he sees Chizuru with her hand out for the fliers. He cant help but to wonder what went on during the date and she basically calls him dumb and reassures him that nothing like that went on.

Flash back to right as Umi asked her to go get food. She is basically like whats this about and he tries to swoon her in by saying oh it was part of the plans for today and how this restaurant is super hard to get into and how a lot of famous actors go there. Of course though she turns him down and says look everything we worked for has led up to today so i cant.

He says do you like him? meaning Kazuya.  he even says i noticed a substantial difference in your attitude once he committed to making this movie for you. After some rambling she winds up saying look, i don’t like him… But i also don’t not like him.

the show closes out with them all passing out fliers until the clock hit midnight.  We even get a little clip of Umi here following through with his deal and retweeting the project.  Just at the clock hits midnight they make their goal and were actually 30,000 yen over! Every is jumping and screaming and we see Kazuya with happy tears in his eyes, and Chizuru excited as ever.




D – 6

B – 4

X- 3










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