RAG Season 3 Episode 1 (Is The New Girl Actually Chill?)

RAG Season 3 Episode 1 (Is The New Girl Actually Chill?)

July 14, 2023


We see right where we left off in season 2.  Its Kazuya telling Chizuru how he can fund the movie so her grandma will finally be able to see her on the silver screen.


Right after this only 42 seconds into the season we see Chizuru in a bath scene, probably the first of many. I think this is the same bath scene where season 2 actually left off after he showed her the crowd funding website. 

So basically everything before the opening credits is just right where season 2 left off. Nothing special.  But kind of nice seeing as they did not drag anything on for too long.




I know i say this now and by the end of the season will probably be dancing along with the song.  But this seasons opening is probably my least favorite of the 3.


We open to see Kazuya at the crowd funding agency and basically the guy he is talking to is saying how shitty his project looks.   Hés like LOOK, you need to make this better before launch or it will fail. 

After this Kazuya is on his balcony talking to Chizuru about the project and how they need to spice it up if it is to succeed.  They go back and forth for a while here and he even points out that itchnosie is her acting name but also the same name she uses for the rental girlfriend job.  He ask if she is worried that someone from college might make the connection and she says how she does not care seeing as acting has been her dream job forever. She also in the mist of this conversation calls him Producer and he flips a lid.  The dude is simping already.

HERE is where the new character finally comes into play!  The moment we have all been waiting for. 

She basically tells them to shut up because they have been talking on their balcony too much and she can hear. She says its hard for her to focus on work like that and if they are going to have romantic meetings like this every night they might as well start dating..

This obviously spirals Kazuya! As he is freaking out chizuru is just quiet with her head down. Then the new girl dips out….

Then rather than just dropping it he makes it worse by saying to chizuru  “oh you and I a couple. Yeah when hell freezes over, right?”   brooooo!  And she still does not say anything.   (perhaps because she does want to date him)

Chizuru just goes inside saying well we are bothering the neighbor we should lay off the meetings for a while.  This pisses Kazuya off, not towards Chizuru but towards the new neighbor, he says Prisoner 202 you have committed a grave sin.   So he hates her already.

The next day as he is walking along at school he is still pissed when he sees her realizing she goes to the same college..  He tries to hide but she points him out. 

She introduces herself as Mini and instantly he simps for her thinking how she is actually nice…

She winds up apologizing for the incident on the balcony seeing as Kazuya is a upperclassman.

We have a small cut in scene right here of his friends in class talking about here he has been and how he has been glued to his computer for a while now.   All the while we see Mami listening in on some devious shit probably.

Back to Kazuya and Mini he is asking her to keep it a secret. Meaning him and Chizuru, she ask why and he makes up a lame excuse.   Then she puts two and two together saying OH you have a thing for her?  Hes like oh well I guess so. within this scene we really see how young the Mini is because she was trying to relate liking someone special to liking a famous person. 

After this kazuya is back at his house working on the crowd funding site. As he is struggling to get the ball rolling he gets a text from Chizuru asking if she can come over!!! He drops his phone and starts rushing to clean up all while freaking out!

She gets there and its a little awkward at first and she realizes this then tears into his ass saying how she didn’t come over to get all lovey Dovey with him or anything. She points out that she is only there for the movie and that was it.  But Kazuya cant help but to think maybe she said that because of what Mini said to them on the balcony. 

They get down to the meeting and Kazuya has really proven here that he is serious about making this for her going over all the cost of everything saying how 1.8 million yen should be enough to get it done.   But while he is talking Chizuru is thinking about her grandpa on his death bed saying how if you wish for it, it will come true.  Kazuya catches this and ask if everything is ok, but she just brushes it off.

But of course Kazuya cant just have a normal meeting, he starts getting pervy looking at her titties and wondering if she can hear his heart beating since its going so fast..

All the while he is freaking out in his head, she is talking about the numbers on his computer screen.  As usual he overthinks it and thinks this isn’t a meeting it’s a date…..  

As they come to a close on their meeting it is decided on that they will include Chizuru’s grandmas story in the crowdfunding page to better help the chances of success., Then we hear Kazuyas stomach growl, Chizuru says oh you haven’t eaten!  Let me take a look in your fridge and make you something.   This spirals this man yet again! She opens his fridge and goes bro there isn’t shit in here!  I literally cant make anything.  SOOOO she goes to her house to grab some eggs.  She cooked him some omlet ricee and while he’s looking at them he is screaming.  This part actually made me laugh. 

This man was actually crying happy tears while eating it

At the end of this during credit roll as Chizuru is walking out Kazuya says thanks to her and talks about the project saying that he can also throw his SAVINGS in if need be for this project to become a thing.  She’s like Bro no, not this again.  He says no it’s not for your dream it’s for mine…..   And I’m free to spend my money chasing my dreams, right?

The episode closes with Chizuru at his door saying if you need anything call me, it’s work after all.  He overthinks this as we would expect, and says in his head our relationship is changing little by little and this will happen more often.  As Chizuru opens the door, who the frick do we see…. Ruka who was getting ready to knock on the door…..she sees the two of them in his apartment and is like WHAT! 

Thats the end.


D -6

X- 7



ALSO we are now visual!

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1 year ago

The bets opinions in the anime industry currently!

1 year ago

The clicking towards the end was a bit much. But other than that happy to see you guys back!

1 year ago


that is all.

1 year ago

Why are we watching this?
Yes I’m talking to you

1 year ago

Kazuya is such an incel and cringey trash and gtfo ruka, Anyways see ya next week

1 year ago

sussy as fuck

1 year ago

i hate this show sm but I also feel incomplete if I don’t watch it

1 year ago

the opening hits hard so suddenly

1 year ago

I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t have Mini in the OP. She becomes a major player in this and future arcs.

1 year ago

How did it go from a boy renting a girlfriend to trying to make a movie

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1 year ago
Reply to  jazzzzzzzzzzz

Of course. We believe in Sumi Supremacy.