Orange Season 1 Episode 4 Discussion (Episode8)

Orange Season 1 Episode 4 Discussion (Episode8)

April 15, 2022

There isn’t too much to say about this episode and as you can see the podcast was extremely short because of it.


Naho once again receives a letter. This time, though, she purposely avoids doing what it tells her, saying that it’s too difficult. Meanwhile, her friends are growing suspicious of her strange behavior.

The real kicker and what saved this episode from being absolutely useless in the series was towards the end. We learn that Ueada is a complete B**** when she knocks down Naho Trying to get to Kakeru then blows up on him when he tries to see is Naho is ok. Then right at the very end Kakeru and Naho have a moment and of course in natural orange fashion Kakeru tells Naho that he likes someone and just runs away and they leave you with that.

There is a bit of fresh air in this episode. As Kakeru tells Naho that he is considering breaking up with Ueada (Thank GOD)

You can watch for yourself and judge on if this episode was worth a watch or not, but both Thomacus and I rated it low. Hopefully things pick up from here.

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2 years ago

yes, for sure not the strongest episode so far..