Orange Season 1 Episode 3 Discussion (Episode7)

Orange Season 1 Episode 3 Discussion (Episode7)

April 8, 2022

Naho starts to believe that the future is truly changing when one of the letter’s tasks is already taken care of without her intervention. When she learns someone else likes Kakeru, Naho continues to struggle with what the letters tell her to do and her own feelings and disposition.

This episode starts off fairly slow like the other two we have seen so far, but does a decent job at picking up about mid way to the end. In the beginning we see a few things starting to change in present day possibly because of the things Naho is doing both good and bad with the letter. (Lets not forget that she is failing at a few of the task)

Also in this episode we get to see and learn a little more about the character known as Ueda (That Bitch) and Naho gets a little jealous and nervous about the fact that Kakeru may like her!

Needless to say, by the end of this episode Kakeru will wind up dating Ueda, despite the fact that he asked Naho in a letter if it would be ok to do so and she replied no. (He just say the reply on the letter too late)
This episode does a great job at making you pretty sad at the end, From watching Naho drink a orange juice that Kakeru bought for her and having her say it tasted sweet and sad at the same time, to seeing the gang at the capsule site in the future day reading everyones left behind notes and them getting to Kakerus and reading that. You will surely bee in your feelings.
As you know we are not giving individual episodes on the website a official rating, but as this would sit I give it a 4. Not that it was bad just slow rolling and i am ready to see how everything will start to kick off and progress.

Thomacus gave it a 6.

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2 years ago

Guys I’ll be really here. I’m not sure if Orange is doing it for me. The story is just so slow…

2 years ago

Asylum: This is official Animag advise

Thomacus: NOOOOOOO it’s not!!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Nikkki

I really hope they keep that bit going.