Orange Season 1 Episode 1 Discussion (Episode5)

Orange Season 1 Episode 1 Discussion (Episode5)

March 30, 2022

As promised we are starting our journey with Orange. Join us as we discuss episode one and all that happened within it!

This episode really didn’t move as much as I would have liked it to nor did I find it explained things with the jumps from the past and to the present and then to the future well enough. With that being said it was still a really great episode for the start of a series and right at the end it leaves you with more questions than you went into it with. In this podcast, you will hear Asylum complain a bit about how they failed to do proper explaining of where they are time frame-wise, but Thomacus has informed us that the show will wind up doing so later on in some episodes.

In this episode there are really two places that it takes place on a bridge when they take the new student to eat some bread and at the school for this big sports tournament. Then right when you are thinking that they will have a pretty lame first episode they hit you with a major flash forward where you see Naho the main character in the future and she refers to the fact that Kakeru (The new student and who she is trying to save according to the letter) is dead!

It’s pretty easy to figure out that Naho will be following the request of the letter she got from her future self to try and save Kakeru. And yes I do think she will accomplish this goal.
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2 years ago

Hope you guys got the issues with the site situated. Very ready for the new episode Friday!